FAQ - Residential Units

Is there an application Fee?

Yes, we currently charge a $30.00 non-refundable application fee, which offsets our costs for obtaining a credit history on our applicants.

What is your rental criteria?

Along with a fully completed application, and a $30.00 application fee, proof of income is required. Income requirements are 3 times the amount of rent. (If rent is $475, than a monthly income of $1,425 is required). The following can be submitted for proof:

  • 1 month of rent payroll stubs; or
  • 1 month of rent per capita stubs

Do you offer low income housing?

No, unfortunately we do not offer Section 8 or Section 42 housing.

Do you accept pets?

We allow 2 pets per household. Our pet fee is $20.00 per month. All canines must have documented rabies and distemper vaccinations and all felines must have documented leukemia vaccination. These vaccinations help protect your pet from contracting viruses from their neighboring friends.

What is the security deposit?

Our security deposit is 1 ½ times the rental amount. This is the maximum allowable by law. Should the apartment be kept in the same conditions upon move-out as was with move-in, the security deposit will be fully refundable.

What is Renter’s Insurance? Do I need it?

Renters Insurance protects a tenant’s belongings from any sort of loss, damage, or peril. While the owner of the building where you live carries insurance on his or her property, that insurance does not cover any tenant’s personal belongings. We recommend that every tenant carry Renter’s Insurance to protect himself and his property.

Is Smoking permitted in Aking Holding apartments?

Each property is different regarding where tenants can and cannot smoke. If this is important to you, please contact the properties individually to inquire as to their policies. Please note: Allowing tenants to smoke in their units does not eliminate those tenants’ responsibility for maintaining their unit with care. All damage to the unit will be the tenant’s responsibility!

Do you have a Waiting List?

Yes, there is a waiting list for all one bedroom, two bedrooms and single family residences.